Form Jaffa to Amman The fragrance of the past shapes the future

The Beginning of the Story

The beginnings started before more than a century. In 1910, in the beautiful Al-Ajami area, located in the arms of the sea mermaid Jaffa, the vibrant heart of Palestine… the Grandparents founded this great legacy… to begin the journey of success from there, bearing the originality of the past and the rootedness of the future.



In the long journey of success, Hashem had a pause in Amman... where he laid the foundation stone for a new start to continue the journey and the giving continues... Seven decades ago, specifically in 1956, Hashem started from Amman... to become a pillar of the ancient city and one of its archaeological landmarks... sought by those looking for originality and memories of the good time

Continuous Inheritance

The journey of success drawn by the ancestors generation after generation continued. They continued the preservation of the ancient heritage and keeping pace with the requirements of the times and the progress and prosperity brought about by technology… Hashem was among the pioneers in introducing technology and modernity to the food industries. To ensure that our products comply with the highest international quality specifications and achieve the highest expectations for our clients. … and as a commitment from us in Hashem to our valued clients, we included our strategic plans a set of goals and supreme values that guarantee the quality of performance and the continuous giving … committed to hospitality and good reception, which became one of our prominent features …looking forward to further progress so that Hashem remains the icon of Arab restaurants and a symbol of originality that knows no bounds...

The pulse of satisfaction is accelerating in us and our horizons are expanding day by day as we see the confidence of our guests in Hashem firmly established and the clients increase in its halls, so we are motivated to spread our branches one by one to cover all parts of the Arab World and beyond, maintaining the same performance in form and content with everything that distinguishes Hashem’s restaurants. We do not feel tired in keeping our development, always taking into account the opinions and desires of our clients.

We pledged to keep striving and giving to provide the best food with the highest service that reaches everyone without exception with high quality and affordable prices.


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